About Me

Hello my name is Alex, I am the founder of I am Mentally Strong. I’m from Clearwater FL, I was raised by my mother, Chonice . Starting at the age of 8 is when I fell in love with basketball. I attended Clearwater High and played on varsity for 4 years and was able to reach a milestone of 1,000 points. I received a full scholarship to Flagler College; I played my whole 4 years there. While playing at Flagler I was able to be featured on a billboard, break the schools assist record and single season assist record. During the seasons I had multiple surgeries on my legs due to an injury. The injury name is Compartment Syndrome. I graduated from Flagler College with my bachelor's in business administration and a minor in Marketing. Outside of basketball I am family oriented, caring, loving and goofy. I like to listen to music and dance. This program came to me after I graduated college. This program is to help those who are struggling to juggle school, personal life, and sports. While in college I delt with depression and anxiety and I also witnessed it on other athletes as well. I am grateful for my mother because if it wasn't for her raising me to be mentally strong, I wouldn't have finished school. Not many athletes are able to handle the stress and end up dropping out or self-harm. I am here to change that; I'm going to be that change and speak on it and get these athletes educated and ready for that next step in their life because THEY ARE MENTALLY STRONG!